Słowa kluczowe

KEYWORDS / SŁOWA KLUCZOWE - Gramatyka Angielska

Niektóre słowa lub wyrażenia, które zostają użyte w różnych sytuacjach mogą sygnalizować wykorzystanie konkretnego czasu. Wybór między czasami past, present, simple lub progressive tenses staje się o wiele łatwiejszy, jeśli tworzymy zdanie, używając jednego z słów kluczowych. Poniższa tabela zawiera niektóre słowa i wyrażenia, w których studenci mogą znaleźć przydatne przykłady, dzięki którym mogą poprawić swoją gramatykę.

Some words or time expressions may signal the use of a particular tense. The choice between past, present, simple or progressive tenses becomes much easier if we form a sentence using one of the keywords. The table below includes some of the words and expressions that students may find useful when they are trying to improve their grammar.





Present Simple







every …

on Fridays/Sundays

always avoid working on Sundays.

Sarah and George often beat about the bush.

usually pass by McDonald’s on my way to work.

sometimes stop by to see my friend.

Danny seldom gets on well with people.

She never asks for help.

He prays every single day.

Amy meditates on Fridays

Present Continuous


at the moment



The detectives aren’t interrogating her now.

They are carrying on experiments at the moment.

Look! The boat is floating away.

Listen! The car is making a strange noise.

Present Perfect







so far





Ben has just spilled a cup of coffee all over himself.

The beans haven't soaked up all the water yet.

She has never been fond of him.

I have already scooped out the white flesh.

Have you ever seen her behaving this way?

The company has lost over 10 000$ so far.

She has given two speeches recently.

I enrolled in that course last year and I haven’t been there ever since.

She has lived here for 18 years.

Present Perfect Continuous

all day

the whole day




Katie has been operating the machine all day.

I have been waiting there the whole day.

Jack has been manipulating us ever since you two got married.

Jessica has been biding her time for years.

Past Simple



last week

2 hours ago

a year ago

in 1998


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Jack yesterday.

Two Polish tourists were kidnapped last week.

They finished broadcasting it 2 hours ago.

I planted that tree a year ago.

Lucy’s family visited us in 1998.

After her son’s death she pined away.



Past Continuous





all day

for x hours

I was doing the laundry when I heard it the first time.

Susie was emptying the dishwasher while her son was picking up his toys.

Her husband was wondering all day.

She was wandering for 6 hours.

Past Perfect


The car had exploded before he came.

Past Perfect Continuous



how long


all day long


all night





Before they reached the top of the mountain, they had been climbing for 3 hours.

How long had you been waiting before she came?

The roads were wet because it had been raining all day long.

Barbara had been watching her all night before she finally fell asleep.

His parents had been working at the university for 3 years before they lost their jobs.

She wasn’t well because she hadn’t been eating for weeks.

Future Simple

in two years


next …


in the future

The new technology will be available in two years.

Our company will deliver your mirror next week.

I will pick her up tomorrow.

Your friends won’t help you in the future.

Future Simple Continuous

in two weeks’ time


next Monday

tomorrow at that time

John will be enjoying his holidays in two weeks’ time.

We will be moving out next Monday.

He will be fighting tomorrow at that time.

Future Perfect

by the end of the day

by tomorrow

by the time


in X weeks’ time




in June

She will have finished her report by the end of the day.

Esat won’t have cleaned his room by tomorrow.

I will have read this article by the time they get here.

In 2 weeks’ time, he will have had his TV for 2 years.

She will have taken all her bags before he comes home.

In June Michael will have lived in London for 4 years.

Future Perfect Continuous

all day long


for ...


by the time


how long


by the end of the …

In 3 hours, he will have been working all day long.

In June, Sarah will have been looking after the baby for 5 months.

She will have been riding a bike for 12 hours by the time she reaches Warsaw.

How long will have you been working here when you get a new contract?

By the end of the week, David and his wife will have been building their new house for 3 years.

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